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US INDIAN JEWELRY from Southwestern USA

U.S. Indian Jewelry has been a big part of our national heritage and is one of the great treasures of the American Southwest. Native American Jewelry is known worldwide for its unique appearance and unusual characteristics. U.S. Indian Jewelry is primarily made in one area of the world and that is in Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado known as the Four Corners Region of the United States.
It all began around 1860 when the Spaniards came up from the South on their quest for gold. An inquisitive Native American Indian named Atsidi Sani admired the Silver embellishments on the horse regalia and ultimately convinced one or more of the Spaniards to teach him how to work the silver. Thus, the beginning of US Indian Jewelry!

Today, Native American Indian Artists and Contemporary Artists of the American Southwest make some of the most unusual silver and gold Jewelry being produced in the world. Most people buy one piece and then start collecting more and more as they say, ”There is a spiritual feeling they get while wearing a piece of Turquoise Jewelry!”

Although the Native American Indians had no idea Turquoise was one of the first gemstones known to mankind (5500 B.C., Egypt,) this was their sacred gemstone they had found around 600 A.D. It is a known fact that the Native American Indians have used Turquoise in their ceremonies and as a medicinal spirit for healing for centuries. It is rare to see a Native American Indian from the Southwest that is not wearing a piece of Turquoise Jewelry, they believe Turquoise brings good luck and health. In relation, history declares that the roman gladiators faithfully kept a piece of Turquoise on them for protection and well being.

U.S. Indian Jewelry with the Turquoise Gemstone has evolved into a wearable art form that spiritual people worldwide have found to be effective for them for their health and well being.
You can find more information on Turquoise (turquoisefacts), Turquoise Jewelry (Turquoise-Jewelry), Southwestern United States(Need Page with lots of Photo – bluffs, Indians wearing turquoise, grand canyon etc), US Indian (a page with a bunch of links to Indian sites = make short descriptive paragraph with text link in it – make certain the text link is the main keyword they use for that web page), and the Spiritual beliefs of Turquoise ( link to your page “spiritual beliefs – and put it on its own URL) by going to one of these links.

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